A Brief History

Starting in the summer/ fall of 2010, drummer Bryn Zellers had met guitarist Stacy Silvers and had discussed the idea of getting together to take a swing at making some music. Stacy made contact with bass player Lucas Goleb and Nick Demaio and a date was set to try it out at the Temple. After several sessions of working out some ideas, the four booked time at Mindrocket studio with old friend of Bryn and Nick, Josh Roman. The following year, after some shift in creative focus, including the decision to work without a vocalist, the project returned to Mindrocket as a three piece that included only Bryn, Lucas and Nick. During these first two sessions, Bryn would compose and perform keyboard and sample parts that would be recorded at the Temple and returned to Mindrocket for mixing.  

Feeling hindered by this process of recording and simultaneously hitting some creative dead ends, the decisions to move all recording operations in house, to the Temple, and to find a new bass player were made. This was the period that the project carried on as a two piece, consisting only of Bryn and Nick. It was during this time that the two worked diligently not only at their music, but also were defining and refining ideas about creative approach and concepts for both the music and the visual aspect of the project. As the search for a bass player continued, the search for a full time keyboard player began. The first choice of Ron Gordon for the slot on bass was not working out as his focus was elsewhere although he was recruited to stand in on bass for some video shoots. Also, his help was extensively employed once recording began on the large body of work starting in August of 2014.

On the suggestion Ron, old friend John Hlumyk was contacted to play bass. Immediately clicking, Bryn and Nick had finally found the missing contributor. Within one year, recording on fourteen MoonStation Burning tracks had finally begun. As tracking got underway, John suggested contacting Charlie Fischer to fill the keyboard position. Again, the chemistry was perfect and suddenly the picture was becoming clearer and the sound more defined. As the recording progressed, the four found themselves stretching far beyond original ideas and boundaries. With Ron's hand at the controls, tracking continued rapidly into the fall of 2015, until Ron began complaining of severe shoulder pain and started missing sessions. On December 19, 2015, childhood friend of John, and long time rhythm partner and best friend of Bryn, Ron Gordon left this world, succumbed to cancer. He will be forever missed.

As tracking slowly resumed, the band continues to grow and flourish musically, conceptually and spiritually. At the time of this writing, February, 2016, the tracks are nearing completion and mixing has begun. New material is beginning to surface and plans for a debut performance are being laid.

Check in when possible for updates and offerings.

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