Field Operatives:

Bryn Zellers ↑

Veteran of Happy Toons (Chicago, IL), Sacred Hate, Larger Style Midget, Captain Prozac, King Mother, SuperBird. Owner of the Temple. Credited with many successful experiments in failure. Contemplating psychotherapy.

Nick Demaio ↑

Veteran of 4130, War Between One. Master of Contemplative Psychotherapy.

↑ John Hlumyk

Veteran of the Infidels. Historical scientist. Cretaceous re-enactor.

Erstwhile Conspirators:

Jacob Wynne ↑

Veteran of Madison Crawl, Revolution Brass Band. Advocate for predatory veganism.  |

Jesse Plaskett ↑

Studio consultant and advisor. Audio production bachelors from Ohio University. Coastal dweller.

↑ Ian Early

Veteran of VinylBack, the Twist Offs, and Cherry Poppin Daddies. Graduate of the Evelyn Wood Telekenisis Program.

Tony Armeni ↑

Veteran of Captain Prozac. Currently teaches in the visual art department at Youngstown State. MFA from University of Cincinnati. Living better through chemistry.

↑ Ron Gordon

Veteran of Sacred Hate, The Heretics, Slackjaw/ Dopamine, King Mother. Long time band mate of Bryn's and childhood friend of John's. Tape-op at the Temple for all of drum tracking for current MoonStation recordings. Entrepreneur and visionary.

↑ Walter 'Butch' Brown

Projectionist and road manager for SuperBird. Currently working with us to develop visual show. Primary MoonStation photographer. MFA from San Antonio. Social critic.

Everett Beeman ↑

Veteran of Blast, Madison Crawl. 9th generation guardian of the Leopard Cult headgear.

↑ Charlie Fischer

Veteran of Cambridge. Master of Clinical Psychology. Possible inventor of lightning.

Brad Kepperly ↑

Veteran of Madison Crawl. Completed 5 of the 7 Jules Verne methods of locomotion.

Kristina Danklef ↑

Creator, manipulator. Controller of space both cyber and |

Join The Collective


In order to execute many of the ideas we have formulated, we are seeking interested individuals to participate on many levels. Aside from the core group of artists already assembled, additional musician/ performers are being considered as well as visual mechanics and visionaries. We need everything from people willing to simply move and organize gear, people and ideas to more technical tasks including stagecraft and rigging to understanding and implementing MIDI and the dmx-512 protocol. Also needed are video artists and technicians to collaborate in the building and execution of the projection component of the project as well as those interested in developing graphic content, photographers, and people to maintain the web presence we are starting to create. 

In addition to the audio we create, the integration of the visual component is intended to complete a system for delivering a total experience engagement.

It's a big party and will require a big space, both inner and outer; let us know what you can bring. Make contact >

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