We rely on instinct. 

Musical engagement. Sonic correspondence. The exchange of ideas and the distortion of those ideas in order to create an entirely new idea. Collaboration. The removal of focus upon the isolated ego; we do not rely on a verbal representative to express our musical intentions. Any such intentions, implied or otherwise, are completely unintentional and subject to editing, re-working, removal, ridiculous; as well as possible refusal to acknowledge any such intentions, musical or otherwise. Freeing ourselves of the pressure of memorization and repetition, we do not expect to repeat ourselves; the song does not remain the same, and we often will forget where home is and this is very much intended. 

The prevailing attitude is to be as free as possible and to remain in the light. The intention is not dark, although sometimes unavoidable. We search for the sun; we follow the seagull. The risks and chances are what move it along;  We expect nothing;  

Without the expectations, we become fearless.

Keeping perspective on our work is critical, and those perspectives are expected to be in a constant state of change; we are fully and totally committed to the idea that nothing is to be the same and to maintain this commitment, we will use perspective altering devices when necessary. It is always necessary.

Blurring the lines between the visual and the sonic,we seek to create an experience that combines these elements and more; like carbon, as well as other elements.

Like carbon.

We are experimenting with the language of music; we strive to communicate without the written word. The real task lies within the fact that we have chosen not to employ the written word and simultaneously do not speak music; therefore, the experiment has begun to be more difficult than we expected so instead we rely on instinct. And musical engagement.

And sonic correspondence. And such. (see above)  

The switch is in the on position, tubes are glowing, we start it somewhere around the one. Decisions are made on the spot with no regrets; use it and move on. Everything is something, especially the nothing. The pause. The wait. The space; that’s where it all happens. Floating in the quiet; listening to the echo decay. Across oceans, deserts, into the vastness of space. It’s a long trip that we are on. Tabs, caps and light; sound, smoke and fury;

whatever the vehicle, get in, we’re going…